Wagyu X

Our Story

We are Wagyu X
We are a Family-owned and operated industry leader of American Wagyu Beef dedicated to principles rich in tradition, by maintaining well managed ranch land, utilizing their own tested superior genetics and finishing all beef cattle that make the program with an exceptional feed program.
Our mission is to produce the finest American Wagyu beef by combining old world ranching ethics with sustainable and holistic practices, taking pride in being good stewards of the land, and caring for our Wagyu herd humanely from birth to harvest, while striving to be exemplary partners accountable to every one of our customers, every time.

Wagyu X Difference

Wagyu X Beef

As the exclusive fully-integrated Wagyu beef supplier in Texas, we uphold the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our Wagyu cattle are raised on a 100% vegetable-based feed regimen, following Japanese traditions of grass-fed starting and 350+ day proprietary finishing. By introducing brewer’s grains, we enhance the distinct Wagyu flavor, delivering an unrivaled eating experience.

We offer a diverse range of Wagyu products. With Platinum, Kuro, and Gold quality levels, we provide whole sub-primals, bone-in and boneless cuts, custom grinds, and even specialty items like 100% Wagyu beef hot dogs. Our ‘Go Texan’ certification ensures locally sourced excellence, and we accommodate specific dietary needs with Halal/Kosher services upon request. Experience the finest Wagyu beef redefined by our unwavering commitment to exceptional taste and quality.